Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bonus Feature -- The Children of Leogane

Using my mad iMovie skills, I put together this movie of my pictures of Leogane, set to music put together by the kids at my school.  Enjoy!  (N.B.  The initial slides have no sound -- it's not you, it's them!)

The Children of Leogane


Edwin Aoki said...

I'm struck by the contrast between the photos showing the destruction and desperate conditions and the almost uniformly smiling children. You could argue that children will smile for the camera, but in conditions that anyone in the US would find nearly unimaginable, much less livable, it's really striking that the kids could exude such happiness and hope. In some sense, seeing them makes me feel that it's even more imperative that we help them so their feelings of hope and optimism can be fulfilled.

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